Friday, March 7, 2014

5 tips how to survive the epidemic of Hanez Suraya

Suddenly I am struggling with what to write about today. It's not that I don't have anything to say but I've got tons to say and I just don't know which one to write first or if it's worth the time to write about it. 

One thing that capture my attention this week is the epidemic of Hanez Suraya (HS).
I know I know it's all the drama in the entertainment business or what not. Don't get suck into the vortex of gossip and the drama. 

I just can't help but notice how often that the statistic of the epidemic of HS is getting higher. A lot of people suffer, a lot of marriages ended and a lot of children loss their parents in the process. Have we becoming a nation that doesn't care or respect about other people's marriage and other people's life? We take what is not ours and we have the audacity to request the victim to apologise? [things that makes me goes hemmmmmm].

Anyway enough about that. I am here to share with you a few tips on how to survive the epidemic of HS if it's happened to you.

Tip #1. Accept the situation. Cry about it, mourn it and then move on.
You need to recognise that your heart is broken and that means you have to go through the process of healing. There are many ways you can try to help ease the pain.

Tip #2. Never ever forget Allah.
HE is the only one who cares about you. The more you feel the pain, the more you think that you are the victim, the more you think that the other woman is better than you, the more that you think you are worthless... than the more you have to get closer to ALLAH. Pray, recite Quran, Dua and do what ever it takes to make you feel ALLAH's love. It might be difficult at first but you just do it anyway. Insya Allah you will have the strength to move on.

Tip #3. Just remember the freedom to choose is still yours
When the epidemic of HS hit you, you can't help but felt like a failure and a victim. You start to question everything and you don't know what to believe anymore. Just stop and remember in any situation that you face, you have the power and the choice to choose either you want to be a victim or not and you also have the power to choose either to be happy or not. Remember the Life is Beautiful movie? Go and watch it again.

Tip #4. Never ever compromise yourself
Never try to be like the other woman, never try to copy her and take revenge. Stay true to yourself even though you don't feel like yourself. If you are not a violence person, don't hit or curse people. If you are a polite person, don't be rude. The best revenge is be the best person or woman that you can be. Work on yourself, evolve and improve yourself. Just remember a good woman is for a good man, a great woman is for a great man. 

"“ Wanita-wanita yang tidak baik untuk laki-laki yang tidak baik, dan laki-laki yang tidak baik adalah untuk wanita yang tidak baik pula. Wanita yang .baik untuk lelaki yang baik dan lelaki yang baik untuk wanita yang baik. (Qs. An Nur:26)

Tip #5. Forgive Hanez Suraya
Yes you heard me right. I know it's not the easiest thing to do, to forgive people who has do you wrong. You can be mad, you can be hurt and you will always remember the pain but forgive her anyway. Just remember FORGIVENESS IN NOT FOR HANEZ SURAYA, IT'S FOR YOU.

Note (disclaimer): I don't even know that Hanez Suraya exist a few weeks ago. I don't even know who she was but after reading the news, the Facebook feed, the nation reaction and comments and reading blogger posts, I felt the urge and the need to address the psychological expect of this epidemic. This is not something new and this will not be the last. I am not here to judge or to say anything bad about Hanez or any other parties involved. I am here to share if this epidemic happened to you it's not the end of the world and you will be alright.

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