Wednesday, March 12, 2014

30 days of lists // List 10 - Lists 12

Even though I am still sad and worry about the missing flight MH370, I still have to live my life as normal as possible while at the same time praying for the safe return of my friend, Sofuan Ibrahim [one of the passenger on that flight].

Anyway I am enjoying the process of making my 30 days of lists project in my smash book. I just realised that I love glueing things and stick things in my journal. It is just so much fun.
 I am loving the lists so far even though some of them is a little bit tough and force me to dig deep.



List 10: If I rule the world .... 

List 10 

  • I will make pink the official colour
  • Health and fitness will be a mandatory subject in school
  • Free wifi everywhere including the rural area and highway
  • I have a personal jet to go anywhere in the world (+ a great pilot comes with it)
  • Every individual who wants to be a parent must have at least two months parenting course
  • There's no such thing as unhealthy food
  • Free medical

List 11: When I need to focus I.....

List 11
  • listen to music (high volume)
  • set my goals
  • drink my favourite hot milo
  • list down all my worries in my Evernote and not think about it at the moment
  • brainstorm with my team
  • take a deep breath and breathe
  • prioritise
  • go for a run

List 12: Things I always do for myself.... 

List 12

  • taking care of my health
  • drive to work
  • learn new photoshop technique/skill
  • make digital scrapbook  and document my life
  • take photos of every day
  • iron my clothes if I feel like it

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