Saturday, February 22, 2014

5 things you can do with your computer when the internet is down

There was the time that I am happy to have a computer at home and just play with the software in them. Those were the time when there's no such thing as high speed broadband. We did have internet connection but with a modem and a telephone line and you have to configure your own DNS and ipaddress. 

Now with all the luxury of the high speed broadband I just plug in my computer, connect to the router and I got the world on my finger tips. The internet is good but sometimes I forgot that the computer still exist without internet. There are many things you can do with your computer without internet.

(photo credit: ijustine coolspotters)

1.  Organize your digital photos

Everybody that has camera or a smartphone, has photos probably tuck way in the camera or phones. We probably have hundreds of them waiting to be organise and enjoy outside of the camera or phone. You can use your computer to organise all of your photos. Sort , categorise and delete all the unwanted photos. I know hard disk is cheap but time is not. Having thousands of unwanted photos is not cost effective if you are not going to do anything about it. I learned this the hard way. I am having trouble looking for the right photos that I wanted and I have to go through all those blurry and duplicate photos just to get to right one and I loose precious time. 
Keep only the photos that you want to remember, make a project life out of it or print them out.

2. Print your digital photos

I have been meaning to print my photos during the weekend but somehow life just get in the way (a.k.a internet got me distracted). So during this "dark hours", I am using my computer to go through all the photos that I want to print and print them out. It is really sad that lately I have not print my photos. Having something tangible that I can share with the whole family is really satisfying. Now I know why my mom keep nagging me to print photos. She still love to hold a piece of our family history in her hand and I can see why. It's so much fun to enjoy the memory without a technology attach to it.

3. Make a Project Life mini album

What do I do with all the printed photos? Project life baby! It's time I took out my Project Life mini album and slip photos away. I have been meaning to make an album for my mom but just didn't get around to it. Now without the distraction I am more focus and can enjoy the process. I am also using some of my digital scrapbook kits from my collection as a journal cards or a filler cards for this project. I also add a few captions and dates on the photos that I am using for the project.

4. Play with Adobe Photoshop

It's time to sharpen my skills in photoshop. Making the time to learn new skill is so refreshing. Now I have the time to go through my lessons in Digi Dig Deep and practice. Like wise man say practice makes perfect. I do remember back in the days when there's no internet at home, the only thing at my disposal is my computer and my Adobe Photoshop 6.0. Somehow this feels like 1999 again.

5. Write your journal - Day one app

I am using Day One App as my writing tool this year. This app doesn't require internet connect connection except when you want to sync the content. So it's just perfect for me. I can write my thoughts without internet, which somehow I forgot. It's funny when you think of it. Computer wasn't build base on the internet connection, it was build to help you be more productive and work more faster. Somehow as irony as it sound, having internet somehow make us work more slower and have to deal and manage distraction.

(photo credit:ijustin youtube)

There you go, your computer still can be useful even though your internet connection is "temporary down". Somehow it feels a little bit liberating not to check your emails every other minutes or check your Facebook every hours or play those candy crush thingy 

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