Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 02 // Project 365

I am happy that so far everything is on schedule. I’ve managed to captured my daily photos – mostly using my iphone, I edit them with Snapseed and Phonto, then I uploaded in Project Life folder in dropbox. That way I have access to my photos any where and any time. I am happy that so far my process is simple enough and I can keep up.
These are my week so far in photos.
day 006 – this was me making a journal/smash book for my One Little Word workshop
day 007 – one of my weekly routine, fill in the gas tank with RON95, which I think the price has increased another 20cent per litter since the last time I checked.
day 008 – I am determined to started with my daily workout. Since Insanity took about one hour of my time, I decided to go back to Focus T25 which is one 25 minutes long and it’s manageable for me at the moment. I am mixing it up between Beta Cycle and Gamma Cycle.
day 009- this was me at work and participating in #thursday3 project. I am thinking of putting all the 52 photos and caption in Project Life Mini Album. This will be my project in November.
day 010- It was the day when all my kids got tuition classes at the same time. So we have an early dinner and taking about our day. When I saw this beautiful angle of the relationship between hazim and his phone, I just gotta to captured it. It’s definitely scrapbook material.
day 011- I attended a Program special for UPSR candidates of 2014 called “Program Semarak Kasih” at my daughter school. I was impressed with all the thought and the planning put into these year programs. The target KPI for 5A scores is 160 students out of 381 students and the target percentage for pass is 90%.
day 012- I spend my Sunday with my brother and his family, visiting the Curve and of course IKEA. I bought Project Life supply again. I think the price was a bit high over there. I might proceed with online purchased from now on. Like Becky said “ Begin with the End in Mind". So I got to plan ahead and not buy just because they looked cute. Got to remember that.

These are all of my life in photos for the week. I am loving my week so far even though I thought that it went a little bit too slow. I guess when all I can think of is Project Life, other things seems a little bit dull and routine. In case you haven’t notice, I am so obsessed with Project Life. I can’t believe how simple they are.

Do you join Project 365 this year? If you do linked up in the comment, I would love to
see your work and a glimpse of your life in 2014.

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