Friday, January 24, 2014

5 tips for living a paperless life

I was told that right now money is very tight, for me as the individual and for the country as a nation. We were told to make a lot of sacrifices to help out any way we can to reduce expenses during this financial crisis.
For me as an individual who really embrace technology, it's a welcome challenge. Now more than ever people are going to rely more on technology to shorten their work process, to cut cost and to expedite their work.  
From my personal view, one thing that we can do as an individual is to find a way to simplify any process and to use technology as a tool to work more effective and faster. One of the thing that we need to reduce and get ride of is paper clutter.
Here are five ways that I have been using for years to help me managed and reduce paper clutter in my life.


#1. Receipts - scan all of your receipts and put them in Evernote
#2. Bills - opt for digital billing and pay your bills online. Most of telco company and other utilities company already have some kind of online payment system. Go for that and never look back
#3. Mails - try to opt for receiving letters. If possible use email as a form of communication. If you do receive them, sort and toss any unwanted mail 
#4. Kids art work - Scan the original, print them and put them in your Project Life album. Toss away the original
#5. Books or magazine - Do the purging and scanning process. For those important article you can scan them and store them in Evernote for future reference. Toss away the old ones and the not up to date content. If possible go for ebook version if you really must have them.

Going paperless is not easy initially. It takes a lot of scanning, tossing away stuffs, shredding and storing. Having Evernote and smart phone really helps expedite the process. Living a paperless life can help reduce stress and clutter in the long run. As long as you have internet, a smart phone and cloud services, all your information is at  your finger tips. This will left you with more time and energy to be more productive and invite creativity into your life.

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