Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 things right now // Hanif

I am having trouble injecting my One Little Word into my life this week. I am so obsess with backup my data and finding the right work flow and the right solution so that "backup" will be part of my process. 
The only thing that I could thing is making a list. Since my baby boy is growing up way too fast for me, I decided to capture his right now through the 10 things right now blog post.


1. He is still nursing. He will reject any bottle given to him when I am around. I stop forcing him. Sometimes I just gave him milk or drink in a big boy cup.
2. He is obsess with iPad. He immediately lighten up when he sees it. His favourite app so far is Nursery Rhymes and Coloring.
3. He loves to watch videos of him or any of his family member.
4. He can point out which one is which when he looks at our family photos
5. He can follow and understand simple instruction.
6. He can walk down the stairs and up the stairs by himself. He walks so carefully and really watch his steps.
7. He loves banana and can't get enough of it. He always asked for more than one.
8. Like all boys, he does love to play with cars, anything with wheels and he loves to play ball especially with his brother.
9. He still enjoys hide and seek.
10. And he calls every animal "Meow", (which in the beginning refers to cats). So so cute!

Oh boy! I am so loving this age. He is almost two and he is exploring his world like crazy and he absorbs tremendous amount of knowledge at a lightning speed. Only the act of writing down and documenting them is the only way I could think of to freeze time and captured him right now.

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