Sunday, September 1, 2013

September is for….

I can’t believe that as I am typing this post I am already in the month of September. In about four months this year will over. I am so not ready for this amazing year to be over.september is for

  • 30 days of list September edition challenge
  • Post the #30lists challenge on my blog daily. yeah.. that’s a month long daily schedule for this month
  • Finished up all my outstanding projects at work and at home
  • Do Focus T25 Beta and Gamma Cycle
  • Do at least one project from A Beautiful Mess Photo Idea book
  • Do digital backup of my digital assets for the month of August
  • Slim down to 55kg and maintain it through out September.
  • make at least three layouts per week with my new digital kits
  • start making a photobook for 2013 (I am looking at a time frame between one to two months duration)
  • spring cleaning my family room area. Update on the deco and make it as baby friendly as possible

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