Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Focus T25 Beta Cycle // Week 2 Review

I am so glad that I’ve finished with week 2 of beta cycle. It was a fun and interesting program for me. For once in my life, this program doesn’t bore me. So far I am sticking to it and enjoying every moment of it.

Weight today: 56.5 kg

I found out that if I fast and did Focus T25 and drink herbalife formula one shake, I tend to loose between 500g to 1.0kg.
My Review and Tips
  • I am still in love with Speed 2.0. I just love the fast pace of the workout and the music was so addictive. I think after I am finished with the program I will do Speed 2.0 just for the fun of it

  • Drinking at least 2 – 3 litter of water after the workout really helps to speed up recovery

  • I am still in a barely made it mode when it comes to Core Cardio workout. I am still having trouble focusing with this routine [Shuffle + Squad] and [Shuffle + blurpee]

  • I think I have to use 8 pounds of weight for Upper Focus because 6 pounds of weight is getting a bit light for me.

  • I am still screaming at the end of Dynamic Core when the workout ended with 5 focus abs workout

I am looking forward to Week Three of Beta Cycle. I am still planning to fast for two days this week. We will see if that will help with the project slim down. Wish me luck!

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