Friday, August 2, 2013

Self Portrait Challenge // 30-day

I love a good challenge especially when it involves something that I like to do. Last two weeks Elsie and Ema of ABeautifulMess post about 30 day Self Portrait challenge. I decided to join this challenge because I am always looking for creative ways to take selfie. 

In the end of 30 day challenge you will get a chance to win their new book. This sound exciting to me. I have been taking a selfie almost everyday and I really need to challenge my self to take it to a different level. It still not too late to enter

These are my take on this challenge {taken from 17 July 2013 - 01 August 2013]. 
Camera: iphone5, App: ABeautifulMess App, Hipstamatic and Camera +

#ABeautifulMess #selfie #work #instapic18.07.2013 19.07.201320.07.201321.07.201322.07.201323.07.2013selfie#24selfie#25selfie#26selfie#27selfie#28 29.07.2013 selfie#30selfie#3101.08.2013
I have never looked at my self portrait photos in a group. This is a good way to learn and improve my skill when taking photos of people.I just realize that I look different from different angle. Hemmm.. interesting!

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