Thursday, August 22, 2013

random Aidilfitri 2013 edition

This year my Eid celebration moving way too fast for me. I am still shock that I am already at home and at work. I am still in Eid mood. 

Some random things this Eid:
* I love that this year we can celebrate Eid as a family
* I love that I didn't have to drive home
* I love that my baby can eat soft solid food

* I love that my baby want me more
eid012013 eid022013
* I really missed my mom's Eid cookies especially peanut butter cookies and makmur cookies
* I missed my dad's ketupat. This year we go for 'nasi impit' instead of ketupat
* Finally life started to feel like normal again. Hopefully this will last forever.

eid032013 eid042013 eid052013 eid062013 eid072013 eid092013 eid0102013 eid0112013 eid0122013
*I love this photo of Hanif and his father. So cute and loving eid0132013

Thanks Allah for blessing us with your kindness and opportunity to be with each other. I am loving my Eid so far.

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