Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Focus T25: Week 5 Review

After a long Eid break, I’ve finally got a chance to do Week 5 Alpha Cycle. I didn’t exactly follow the schedule. I throw in Speed 1.0 in the mix just because I enjoyed it so much.

t25-haniz Weight today: 58.0 kg

I gained back almost 2 kg in a week just because I didn’t drink lots of water and I ate too much. Now that the Eid feast is over I intend to loose back that kg and more.
I am cutting my week 5 a little bit early just because during that weekend I was hosting Eid Feast Celebration at my house and I have tons of things  to cross off my lists.

Week 5 felt a little bit like week 1 just because I took a week off and I have to build back my fitness level in the shortest period of time.

I am starting Beta Cycle this week and I am looking forward to challenge myself. Hopefully Beta Cycle will makes me scream and sweat like crazy.

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