Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Focus T25 Beta Cycle // Week One Review

I started my Beta Cycle Week One last week. I was a little bit nervous to start Beta Cycle just because I know that the Cardio workout is going to be so much tougher than the Cardio in Alpha Cycle.


Weight today: 57.5 kg

Losing back the weight I gain during Eid feast isn’t that easy. It’s a struggle just because the Eid feast is still going on. I am hoping to loose at least another 800g by the end of the week.

My Review and Tips

  • For the first week of Beta Cycle, I am following the suggested workout just because I didn’t know what to expect.
  • I was so wrong. Cardio Alpha wasn’t the longest 25 minutes of my life, Core Cardio is! I have never felt like I just can’t finished the 25 minutes routine.
  • I am totally in love with Speed 2.0. It’s fun, it’s repetitive enough that you can focus, enjoy the workout and sweating like crazy
  • If you are working early in the morning (before breakfast), make sure you don’t over do it. Listen to your body, stop when you feel like you are going to faint or out of breath
  • Drinking a glass of protein shake after the work out really help to speed up your recovery
  • Ript Circuit and Upper Focus workouts are with weights, so you don’t work your cardio as much. The Routine in those two workout is not as tough as Jari Love Get Ripped but the next day you can still feel sore on the muscle that you’ve workout on
  • Dynamic Core is equally tough especially the floor routine. It makes you scream with pain.

I am looking forward to Week Two of Beta Cycle. I just wonder if I can loose another 1 kg with these routine if done consistently. Wish me luck!

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