Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Polaroid Print

I was so smitten with this new rage Fujifilm Intax Mini, especially the colorful Intax Mini 8. My coworker also have one, not the min 8 but the mini 50. The idea of instantly getting your photo print and developing before your eyes is very appealing. It’s so old fashion but it’s fun if you enjoy vintage and small print
So the hunting and researching begins. These are a few points I gather which might be helpful if you are in the market for one.
Don’t buy this camera if you:
1. Don’t know what to do with all of your printed photos
2. Snap photos like crazy. Selective photography won’t satisfied you.
3. Have the mentality that film are cheap. These polaroid film is not cheap. The cost of one pack (10 pieces) is about RM25.00
4. This is your one and only camera
5. You love selfie. Taking your own photo with this camera is a little bit tricky and take lots of practice (you can’t really practice with this camera because the photo will print right away weather you want it or not)
Do buy this camera if you:
1. Are looking for your third or fourth camera to add to your collection
2. You don’t mind buying film and changing them
3. Have budget for it and aware of how much the films will cost you in a long run
4. You love to have a print copy of your photos right away and kept them in your art journal
5. If you want to make a DYI intax wallpaper for your home
For me, I might consider purchasing one sometime in the future just for the fun of it. In the mean time, to satisfied my polaroid need, I am happy with my Instant Polaroid App on my iphone.
And to get that instant print look, I upload all my polaroid photos on dropbox, open them in my Adobe Photoshop, arranged four photos on A4 paper and print them out.
Photo 27-08-2013 20 40 48
Photo 27-08-2013 22 09 25
Photo 27-08-2013 22 06 18
Photo 27-08-2013 22 35 43
Photo 27-08-2013 22 54 38
Now I just have to find a place to store or display all my polaroid photos. It’s a little bit of extra work compare to using Fujiflim Intax Mini but I am using what I have [iphone, Instant app, Adobe Photoshop, Canon E510 printer, photo paper and a scissor].

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nanadhoi said...

minta maaf, nak tanya, kalau guna printer E510 print gambar ni, tak rosak ke?

and guna ink byk tak?

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