Monday, August 26, 2013

Counting down to 30 days of lists September edition

I saw 30 days of lists Blog hop at Campfire Chic and I decided to play along. 30 days of lists September Edition is coming this Sunday. I just can’t wait to share my lists for the month of September.

I have been joining this fun challenge since 2011. It’s interesting to see what my life looked like way back in 2011.

Back in 2011, I didn’t do much with the lists. I just blogged about it. Plain and simple. This is my favorite lists back then : Things that were awesome about this month.

In 2012, I got more time to be more creative, so I did the lists using my digital scrapbook kits at the moment. My favorite lists for March 2012 was : favorite memories


And for March 2013 lists, I decided to write my lists in a notebook. Simple and straight to the point. Just my handwriting , my photos and some stickers.

My favortie list for March 2013 was Things I do every morning

11. Things I do every morning

Since September is still the same year as my March lists, I decided to continue making the list using the same notebook.

I am so looking forward to participate in this challenge. It’s fun and easy to document your life.

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