Saturday, August 3, 2013

Another Balik Kampung checklist

 In less than a week, Muslims all over the world will celebrate Eid. For Malaysian that means "balik kampung" to or travelling back to our hometown to be with our family. Last year I wrote a Balik Kampung checklist to make sure that we don't miss out any important things.

Here are another three things to add to the list...

#1. Make sure that there's no outstanding job that requires your attention. Clear up everything before going for a long leave.

#2. Throw away all unfinished food. Don't left them in a fridge. In a week the food will not be eatable and you are going to throw them away eventually

#3. Fill up your car tank at least a day before your trip. This will safe you time and hassle on the actual travelling day

The important thing is to plan ahead and schedule your trip so that you will avoid rush hour with less traffic and less chances for any unwanted difficulties.
Selamat balik kampung and Happy Eid to every Muslim out there. 

Be safe , be kind and be courtesy especially on the road.

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