Tuesday, August 13, 2013

a little update // Focus T25


I just came back from my Eid celebration and Eid holiday. I didn’t do any exercise for seven days. I tired not to eat a lot but somehow I ended up eating more than I should have. I don’t weigh myself this week just because I didn’t want to get discourage.

So today, I am back to my normal routine and I am determine to continue my week 5 program this week. I change the schedule a bit just because I think I need a little extra today. I did T25 Cardio Alpha this morning and I was really out of breath and almost faint. I have to remind myself to slow down a bit so that I can finished the routine without jeopardize myself. I plan to do T25 Alpha Ab Interval this evening. I might double my workout this week because by Saturday and Sunday I am not sure if I can steal twenty five minutes to do my workout.

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