Monday, July 15, 2013

Photo Prompt #6 // You

The first week of Ramadan is almost over. Now is the time to take photo of yourself. It will be interesting to see what you look like after fasting for more than 5 days. Are gaining or loosing weight? Are you more energetic or tired all the time? It’s time to audit yourself, see what work and what doesn’t work.

Challenge #6: You
Day #6 : You

It’s the sixth day of Ramadan. So far I am happy that I am able to stick to my planned routine like drink at least 2 litter of water daily, drink Herbalife shake during sahur, eat small amount during iftar and exercise at least 30 minutes a day. My current weight is 58.7kg. So far I am happy with the progress. I am so looking forward to loosing another 2 kg and I am hoping that Focus T25 by Shaun T will help me achieve my goal. Join me in this beautiful journey to document your Ramadan in photo.

Check out the whole lists here.
Don’t forget to share your photos via Instagram by using #ramadandaily or blog about.
I would love to see what’s your routine during Ramadan.


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