Sunday, July 14, 2013

Photo Prompt #5// Shape

Shape is all around you. Today assignment is to find them, capture them on camera and share them. Don’t let Ramadan be a reason not to capture your daily life. These little moments make a really cool keepsakes especially ten years from now when you don’t even remember what your Ramadan was like.

I remembered my daughter was born during Ramadan but that was all I remember. Those daily moments during Ramadan, weather I slept at all at night or sleep through, or weather I cried all the time or not or what kind of food I ate or where I was, escaped me.

Challenge #5: Shape
Day #5 // Shape#ramadandaily

This was my attempt to make him walk. He stood for a few seconds on the grass but he was to afraid to move his feet. When I put this car toy in front of him, he immediately walked to the side and sat on it with his feet up. So cute! When I was busy snapping his cute little adventure, suddenly I saw these beautiful formation made using uneven shape of rocks. I never realized it before until today.

Join me in this beautiful journey to document your Ramadan in photo. Check out the whole lists here.
Don’t forget to share your photos via Instagram by using #ramadandaily or blog about. I would love to see what’s your routine during Ramadan.


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