Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photo Prompt #22 // Something white

Today is the ending of something familiar and something safe. By August a lot of things are going to change and from my experience people are not very flexible when it comes to change. 
I am a little bit nervous , anxious and excited with this changing. I am so looking forward to something exciting and different especially in my work life. I really want to feel passionate and fun with my job. Lately I am having trouble feeling those important feelings in order to survive 8am - 6pm working hours.

Challenge #22: Something White 
I am really having problem finding something white because I am constantly looking for colors. So today's prompt is a little bit challenging for me because I have to train my eyes to see white.

Day #22 : Something white-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tomorrow prompt: Fabric
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I would love to see what’s your routine during Ramadan.

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