Thursday, July 25, 2013

Camera + // App review

Cost USD$1.99

This is the first paid app that I bought for my phone. It’s a great all-purpose app, especially for iphoneographer who wants to take and edit photos from the same app. It has a lot of extra features compare to the native iphone camera app.

 mzl.lilastwz.320x480-75   mzl.jatghnol.320x480-75

The selling point for me are multiple shooting modes including image stabilization, self-timer, and burst mode. Other than apply cool filters, you can also crop your photos with variety of crop dimension.

Here are a few examples of photos taken with Camera+


Image - 23 Jul 2013 21.19.08 Image - 23 Jul 2013 21.21.06Image - 24 Jul 2013 07.50.13Image - 23 Jul 2013 07.41.04

Note: Since I am an iphone/ipad user and a Microsoft Windows user, most of my app review will be base on these two platform.

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