Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hanif // 8 months


His current progress

  • Posing him in this position is getting challenging. He just can’t seem to stay on his back for a long period of time
  • He is now an expert creeper. Always moving around and can’t sit still
  • He is loves having people around
  • He sleep less and less
  • Since he is already reach 8 months milestone, it’s time to introduce him to protein
  • Finger food is his favorite right now
  • His first tooth came out a few days ago. It very sharp and it hurts when he bites me. Nursing is a challenge. I have to watch him really closely and I have to make sure he latch off when he started to bite.
  • this is such a wonderful and joyous age. He is a natural explorer, every thing is a toy to him

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