Saturday, October 6, 2012

Right now…


Right now… I am feeling a little bit tired. All I can think about is taking a nap

Right now… I want to continue making Project Life for Hanif but I just don’t have the motivation

Right now… I have all of the ideas for my blog, all jumble up in my mind. I need to find the time to write them down and plan

Right now… I am a little bit nervous because next week is PMR. A big exam that my son has to take

Right now.. Hanif is crying, probably he is tired and want me to hold him

Right now..I am motivating myself to do Cardio 1 of Jillian Body Revolution DVD

Right now.. I can here the air-condition sound in my bedroom working to cool me down

Right now.. I am transferring my photos from my camera to my computer

Right now… I am drinking Herba life tea

Right now… the sun is shining so bright and it making my room a little bit warm even though I have my air-condition on

Right now.. I am making a mental lists why I should not loose my temper

Right now… I am praying and hoping that life would be better

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