Tuesday, October 2, 2012

revisiting Smallville

I’ve spend most of my September watching the entire seasons of Smallville (Season 1 – Season 10). I owned 8 box sets of Smallville DVD and I downloaded season 9 and season 10. I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the DVD because I can’t play most episodes in those DVDs. It was so frustrating!
I am not a fan of comic books but I am definitely a fan of Superman- the TV show version.
I really like the first three seasons of Smallville where every episodes they introduce new Kryptonite infected people with powers. That was so interesting to watch. The love story between Chole, Clark and Lana was not so much to watch. I just felt sorry for Chole because it wasn’t easy  being the third person in that triangle.
I like season four the best because they introduce Lois Lane and Lana as a witch. By season eight, nine and ten when they relocate Lois and Clark to Metropolis, I feel like there’s no Smallville anymore but I still like them. Lois and Clark still make it a worthwhile show to watch.
I would really love to watch Smallville season 11, just to see how that world would react when there’s Superman and Lex Luthor is the president. If only they would consider making a movie.
Things I learned from watching Smallville
  • revenge and hate are not good for you. Those negative feelings will consume you and take over your life like it did Lex and Lana
  • people keep secrets for a reason, so there’s no point forcing them to reveal it to you
  • knowledge is really powerful weapon
  • all the moments in life and the people we meet one way or another really shape who we are
  • being a hero is not about having power but having courage and a big heart like Jimmy

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