Monday, October 1, 2012

#30lists // Week four recap and some inspiration

I can’t believe that my 30 days of lists challenge is finish. So there’s no more lists for October. I really have so much fun playing with the lists and making art journal with it. I am definitely will be joining this fun challenge in the future. I wish they hosts this challenge three times a year instead of two. I just can’t get enough of it.
What did I do with all my lists? I decided that I want a digital copy of it and also a hard copy of the lists. So I made an ibook so I can open it from my ipad as an ebook and I print them out on A4 paper (reduce printing size to 84.5%) so I can paste them in my B5 notebook. I will share this in another post.
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These are the lists for week  four and I really have fun making them.
22. Favorite photos of myself
23. Current favorites
24. Yesterday was
25. Places I’ve lived
26. Trend I cannot stand
27. Bravest things I ever done
28. Little joys in my life
29. What I finished this week
30. Lists to make
And here are a few inspiration from listers
by kaylanaut30 Days of Lists - Day 30
by Michelle Lamey
30 Days of lists Septrmber 30 2012 by melzie2121
9.27.12 I'm not a very brave gal but I had a few. #30lists #30daysoflists by Rikkiscraps
Little joys by AngieBailey13
#30Lists List 26: Trends I Cannot Stand There are many more inspiring lists from all the listers at 30 days of lists flickr group. I am still going through all the lists and loving every style.
In case you’ve missed these are the lists from week one , week two and week three.

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Rikki said...

Thank you for featuring one of my lists agin. This was such a fun project! I will definitely participate again. Will you?

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