Thursday, September 13, 2012

The book that made my day

Last week I decided to make a photo book for my baby. I have a lot of photos of him and I really want to showcase them. I love how the book turn out but I think I can do better. Next time I will take my time to design and create more beautiful layouts.
I did make one last year of all my digital layouts and I really enjoy them. If you are looking for a way to showcase your photos, photo book might be your thing.
hanifphotobook1 hanifphotobook2 hanifphotobook3 hanifphotobook4 hanifphotobook5
Image wrap hardcover, 15 x 11 in size with default paper.
The service is superfast, I got the book in less than 7 days.
How do you showcase your photos? Do you made a photo book?
Which services did you used?


Cik Puan Izan❤ said...

best jugak buat buku mcm ni. berapa rm utk buat buku mcm tu? kat mana buat? :)

ilass said...

i want this too...!

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