Monday, September 24, 2012

day 261–day 267 // like no other

I am a little bit nervous because October is just around the corner. My maternity leave is almost comes to an end. I am still looking for a day care centre for my baby. My baby is so reluctant to take milk in a bottle. He will cries and scream as loud as he can just to prove a point. I am still hoping that he will warm up to the idea and won’t resist when the nanny gives him bottle.

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These are the snapshots of my week. Hope you had a great week. I am so looking forward to this week – the last week of September.

day 261- My son is currently obsess with piano. Piano lesson is a bit expensive here.


day 262- Me without any makeup.


day 263 – My son was watching Smallville while playing with his baby brother


day 264 – taking my son for a morning walk


day 265 – I have been trying to introduce bottle to my baby boy. This is my third bottle from mimijumi. He just can’t accept the fact that he might have to take milk in a bottle. So far he is playing with the bottle.


day 266 – just because he looks so cute in blue


day 267 – I am so happy when I am eating ice cream. Drumstick in my favorite and I like the new flavor (Hazelnut) 


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✿INA AINAA✿ said...

awww, sis ni seorang ibu yg sempoi!!!! hehehe.. I love your ways n i love ur baby... totally cute and i wanna hug ur baby tightly.. kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tamar SB said...

You look gorgeous, even with out make up! Hope the little guy starts liking the bottle!

Anonymous said...

you look great even without make up! and who is not happy while eating ice cream? ;)
Your Little Boy is very cute!

rebecca said...

What a sweet little boy you have! Wishing you the best with the bottle and thank you for linking up your lovely photos with the simple things! :)

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