Tuesday, September 18, 2012

day 254–day 260 // nothing much

My week seems to move a little bit faster than I like. I am so not ready to go to work. My hunt for a perfect care taker for my baby is still on.



day 254 – Love you so much and by the end of this month you will be 5 months oldday254

day 255 – I was a bit busy today and I asked my daughter to capture a few photos of my baby. She managed to get him to laugh but the photo is out of focus a bit.


day 256 – I am trying to find a good prop for Monday photoshoot  and I was thinking of using a chalk board.


day 257 – Hanif with his new ball. He really loves it


day 258 – My best friend at the moment


day 259 – My two beautiful sons


day 260 – I finally tried forzen yogurt at Yourgurt. I like it but I think it’s like Tuti Fruiti nothing outstanding at the moment.


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