Monday, September 10, 2012

day 247–day 253 // watching you grow

The first week of September went by very quickly. In less than two months I'll be going back to work. I am not sure if I ever ready to be back at work and carry a different kind of responsibilities. Watching my children grow this last few months has been a bless. I really have been missing a lot.

day 247 – My eldest son is going to have a big exam [PMR] in early October


day 248 – my baby is loving being on his tummy. A month ago he really hates this position


day 249 – He can held his head higher


day 250 – my daughter eagerly taking over the task of changing his baby brother’s diaper


day 251 – this face really melt my heart


day 252 – The photo book of my baby arrived today


day 253 – posing in front of a black Ferrari





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Tamar SB said...

Great week! The little one is getting so big!

Kim Cunningham said...

Lovely family you have! I'm sure your daughter is a huge help in taking care of her baby brother!

Mary Gene Atwood said...

Such a beautiful family! Joining y ou from project rewind. Happy week.

Sarah Halstead said...

Adorable. That photo book is huge!

packmom said...

You have such a beautiful family!

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