Sunday, September 9, 2012

4 simple goals before 2013

4 Simple Goals (by A Beautiful Mess)
I am so glad that Elsie post this 4 simple goals before 2013 yesterday. I did  play along with 4 simple goals in 2010 and I had so much fun with it.
So this year I decided to ask my children to play along. I asked them to write just 4 simple goals before 2013 that they want to achieve. These are what they have in mind:
and these are my 4 simple goals before 2013
1. Recite until the last chapter of the Quran. This is a very important goal for me because I want to make Quran a part of my life. Reciting them on a daily basis can be a challenge for me.
2. Take photos of my baby daily. Everyone knows that the first twelve months of baby’s life  is so precious. I just want to keep the memories of him growing up in photos.
3. Print one photobook of my digital scrapbook layouts. I have made a lot of layouts since early this year. I would really love to have a hardcopy of the layouts printed out for me and my family to enjoy.
4. Organize my storage room. This is one part of my home that has been neglected since we moved. I need to sort out things that I want to use again and things I want to donate. I think there’s a lot of baby books in there somewhere. This is definitely a project that I have to follow through before 2013

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✿INA AINAA✿ said...

owhh, great game.. insyaAllah, ena doakan semuanya akan tercapai.... Amin

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