Tuesday, September 4, 2012

#30lists // 04. When I need a ‘time out’…

Life can be a constant battle to between doing what's important and what's urgent. So taking some time to unwind is really important. So this is usually what I do when I need a break..
Today's Prompt:
When I need a time out

Sometimes I really need to take a break from daily life
  • I recite Quran
  • I treat myself to a facial and a massage
  • I watch movie at a cinema by myself
  • I cried without reason
  • I do window shopping
  • I drive to my parents house
  • I listen to an upbeat music and dance
Do you make a list? Are you joining in on 30 Days of Lists? If you do leave your link in the comment. I would love to read your lists

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