Saturday, August 11, 2012

Whimsical // lesson 10 and lesson 12

I have finally finished with Digi: In Deeper with lesson 10 and lesson 12. I know I skip lesson 11 but I will visit that lesson when I have a photo that go with it.

So far I have so much fun learning digital scrapbook with Jessica Sprague. I really learn a lot in this short e-course. I ended up wishing that there’s more lesson and more style to explore.

I have never made any whimsy style scrapbook before. This is definitely out of my comfort zone.

“The dictionary defines whimsy as: "Playfully quaint or fanciful behavior or humor." So lots of things fall into this category, from vintage children's books (think Dick & Jane), to retro/mod (think 50s style illustration), to fanciful illustrations of characters & animals (think hummingbirds, owls). Lots of CUTE, BRIGHT, and FUN are the names of the game here, and where Freestyle is more sass and spunk, whimsical is more sweet. Layouts that fall into this category often feature:

  • Bright, graphic pattern
  • Bright colors
  • Themes & style that invokes "awwww"
  • Child-like wonder & playfulness, in journaling, photo choices
  • Cute hand-drawn fonts and alphas
  • Whimsical characters & illustrations
  • Subtle distressing, if any “

In this class I learned how to:

  • Paint with patterned paper – this is so cool
  • Use acrylic photoshop brushes to make painted flowers
  • Create a chipboard accent with curving elements
  • Create a striped pattern from a color scheme
  • Doodle inside of an alphabet

And in lesson 12 , putting it all together. It’s a bit challenging because I have to remember the technique from the previous lessons.

Layout from lesson 10


Layout from lesson 12


Other than learning some new technique, I made two layouts using kits I’ve bought this month.

beyou-web [Credit:Love Me Tender Kit by Tracie Stroud Designs] today-web [Credit: Everyone has a story by Captivated Vision]

Today I plan to make more layouts and continue with Project Life Week 14 and packing for Balik Kampung trip next week. I really hate to pack, so starting early will give me ample time looking through things that I want to take for the trip for me and my kids.

Have a great, fun and creative weekend!

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