Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Snapseed to the rescue

Our family photo tradition at my parents house, is one of the activities I am looking forward to. I really love seeing how every year my family grows and changed. I love how this year photos turn out but some of them were too over exposed. I just love them and I was so disappointed with the result.
I upload thoses photos into my ipad and try to apply a few filters to make it artistic. I used Snapseed to edit this overexposed photo and I really love the results.


Why I love Snapseed?

# it's easier to edit with Snapseed
# selective adjust is just an amazing feature! You can just select which part of the photo you want to edit without effecting other area
# you just have to swipe your finger left to right to adjust and up or down to change the mode of what you want to adjust
# it also has fun filters that you can play around with
# you can easily share your masterpiece within the apps to popluar social media like facebook, instagram and flickr

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