Thursday, August 30, 2012

Maxis Personal Hotspot to the rescue


Ever since I came back from my hometown, my main internet connection was out of service (it wasn’t the company’s fault). I was so disappointed and a bit restless when I don’t have internet connection. Luckily I have a Maxis personal hotspot with me all the time. It wasn’t as fast as my main connection but at least I got to stay connected. With the long holiday, I am anticipating the connection will resume by next week. I am so happy that Maxis broadband and 3G connection in my area has improved tremendously.


Why I choose to have Maxis personal hotspot?

#1. Portability – with free wireless modem, you can carry your modem anywhere you go without have to connect to any laptop.

#2. Convenient – I can use this wireless modem with any devices that support wireless including my ipad and my son’s ipod touch. So with one account I can connect to multiple devices

#3. Fast Connection – It’s faster than my previous maxis broadband

#4. Easily upgradable quota – with maxis wireless broadband online account you can upgrade your quota easily. Now I don’t have to worry about reaching my quota because I can upgrade with ease.

If you are like me, who like to stay connected all the time and would die of boredom if you don’t have internet connection, I highly recommend Maxis personal hotspot.

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