Wednesday, August 8, 2012

day nineteen of Ramadan and a lists

Daily Ramadan photo prompt: iftar
Where do you have your Ifar? What you have?

I am still having iftar at home with my kids. I have only been to bazaar Ramadan three times and trying to eat less and healthy. After iftar with rice for so long we decided to have pizza instead.
I am glad that I made daily photo prompt for Ramadan to keep me going and looking forward to the next day prompt.
Tomorrow photo prompt: card

Ramadan is coming to an end and I am a bit sad about that but at the same time I could not wait to celebrate Eid with my family. I haven't seen my brothers in a really long time. I made this checklist using noteplus for ipad. I am warming up for 30 days of lists coming up this September.

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1 comment:

Liza Razak said...

bagusnya sis buat checklist dulu sebelum balik raya :)

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