Monday, August 6, 2012

10 things you can do with photoshop brushes

I have been using photoshop for a long time for photo editing and scrapbooking. I have used brush before but I have never really explore the possibilities of this amazing tool. Now I am revisiting this tool with a new perspective and new ways to use brush.

Brushes comes with many fun shape and sizes. Some comes with photoshop and some are from cool site like deviant art and brusheezy. With so many beautiful shapes and texture, the possibilities of making a great look art work are endless.

Here are a few ways to use your photoshop brushes from a digital scrapbook perspective:

#1. Use it as Stamp on your art work like in the image below. The journal brush works like conventional journaling stamp pad which you can just stamp on a paper.


#2. Photo frames. With beautiful shape and texture brushes out there you can create beautiful photo frames in minutes.


#3. Clip art –Since brushes can be stamp on a layer by itself and can be resize and rotate, it’s just a matter of creating a thick border and adding a shadow to make a clip art. I really think this technique is cool because I’ve never thought brushes can be turned into clip art.


#4. Decor your title- with the right brush shape you can add a few touches to your journaling to make a cool title like I did in this layout.

#5. Brush can also be used as a texture or pattern on your background for your card or art work by simply changing the setting at the brush palette and stamp or move your brushes on the solid layer.

#6. Photo effect – by using layer mask, photoshop brushes can be used to create grungy photo effect.

#7. like a water color – with the water color brush you can add a water color effect on your art work

#8. Eraser- brush shapes and texture can also be use as a eraser tool to create a great looking effect. Eraser tool is usually use to soften the brush effect that we use on an image or art work

#9. Clipping mask - by altering the hardness, softness and size of your brush, you can use the brush tool to create a cool clipping mask for your photo

clipping mask

#10. Cool stitches – with a stitch brush you can create this cool stitches by adjusting the spacing and the angle in the brush palette.  I just can’t believe that I can make this cool stitch just by using brush


Note: You can also make your own brushes using your own images and shapes.

Cool brushes that you can add to your collection:

What do you used your photoshop for? I would really like to explore many creative ways to use brushes.

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