Monday, July 30, 2012

day ten of Ramadan // green

Daily Ramadan photo prompt: Green
anything green that capture your attention
for a full list click here

(from yesterday shopping bag. Love the grren and white color)

(I usually bought a lot of brooches with assorted colors. This lime green attract mt attention)
My random Ramadan so far:
# I would like to think that I eat less during this month. It's my goal not to eat so much during iftar. I drink a lot of water instead
# I am itching to try my last year baju kurung just to see if I can fit into it. I am determine to get back into my original cloth.
# I cooked spagethi ala olio as per request of my eldest son for iftar
# somehow I just didn't get a chance to sleep more than I intended to. Suddenly I am having so much ideas that make me too excited to sleep

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