Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day four // All About Me

Photo Prompt Day Four: All About Me

A photo of me the first week of Ramadan. I am actually still in the process of loosing weight after having a caesarean birth about twelve weeks ago. It is not easy to loose the last 5 kg. Right now I can’t fit into a lot of my work clothes. I have to ransack my closet to find at least one that I can fit in today.

Finally I’ve found one that I can fit in but it’s a little bit tight around the waist.

allaboutme-day4 allaboutme-day4-2 at the end of Ramadan I plan to take another All About Me photo with the same dress to see if I can fit in it comfortably

Note to self: eat less and drink more during iftar

(for a full list visit here)

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