Monday, May 21, 2012

Day # 142 // 366

Monday evening after putting Hanif to bed.
Reading after the birth section. Oh boy! It's not easy to get your body back. The book suggest that I start exercise after 8 week postpartum due to delivered the baby via C-section.

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I was thinking of order new workout DVD just to spice things up. I think it will probably take me more time to do Get Ripped DVD.

more tips from the book:
"4 phase
Phase 1 - week 0 - week 6 :: Reestablish
Phase 2 - week 6 - week 8 :: recovery and retrain
Phase 3 - week 9 - week 11 :: Condition
Phase 4 - week 12 - week 14 :: Shrink
The key is to train the pelvic floor cause it is the foundation and the bottom of your core."

I think I need to give myself time and be patient. I don't want to throw away all my pre- pregnancy clothes. I have to fit into them at least by Eid Mubarak I can easily wear them.
My plan is other than starting to exercise when my doctor gives me premission, I also have to watch what I eat and really focus on food that gives me energy.

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