Tuesday, April 17, 2012

the book that make sense

I finally got a chance to finished reading the whole book. What an eye opening book. I highly recommend this book to all parents with a new baby in the house. Even though I am not the first time parent, I now have the full understanding of what my mother try to teach me.
The 5’s the author talk about are basically what my mom thought me. Before I was a little bit skeptical about the method  but now after I know the reason why, I am up for it.

The 5’S talked in the book were:
  • Swaddling (Bedung) – I love this especially during nursing and when you want to put the baby to sleep. Now I know why this works.
  • Side/Stomach position – I usually do this when I want to put the baby to sleep. I know this sleeping position is not highly recommend but it works for me. I just have to make sure there is not pillow and the  baby sleep on a hard surface.
  • Shhh – I tried this but I think my technique was wrong. I think I will give this a try with my newborn baby
  • Swinging  – I usually swing the baby when I’m holding the baby. And sometimes I use rocker. It works too.
  • Sucking – I am not a fan of pacifier cause it’s very hard to maintain. I just use my finger or continue nursing until he fall asleep.
There’s more to the 5’s , the intensity and the technique really make a big different when it come to calming your crying baby. The book said it’s the way to calm crying baby but for us Malaysian, it’s not a new way. It’s the old way with better understanding and perspective.
For more information I suggest, you read the book. Go here for more info.

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