Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Art Journal inspiration

Lately I’ve been obsessed with  art journal. I have never have the  guts to try them before. After browsing through the art journal gallery at scrapbookgraphics and taking an e-course earlier this year, I am willing to give art journal a chance.

Here are some inspiration that caught my eye today:

This is me.



Castless fortress


Hope you enjoy my selection and be inspired!

Note: I heard about a powerful earthquake struck off the coast of Indonesia, triggering a tsunami watch for countries across the Indian Ocean. The 8.6-magnitude quake was centered 20 miles beneath the ocean floor about 270 miles from Aceh's provincial capital and the shake were felt along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Tsunami is expected to hit tonight until tomorrow morning.

1 comment:

HUD AIKARA said...

wahhhh..cantik sangat!!!

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