Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Challenges and what to expect


Being 40 and pregnant isn’t an easy position to be. You might look younger on this outside but on the inside you are not as when you were in your 20’s.

Your body will definitely speak louder and less forgiving. Challenges that I have to face this week would be…

1) Walking or moving around the house or in the office is definitely the biggest challenge I have to face this week. Other than feeling painful, I also felt like I am dragging my feet.

2) Shortness of breath. Talking, walking, doing housework really has become a big deal to me. I just can’t do things as fast as I used to do. Everything has to be in slow motion.

3)  Solah is also one of the challenges I have to overcome. I have to opt for sitting on a chair so that I can recite all the surah in a slower pace and not feeling too tired and  painful at my lower abdomen

4) Staying awake after 11 pm is also something I rarely do now.

5) Surviving working hours. I just can’t work straight for 9 hours without any lunch break or nap time break. I just can’t stand the stress and the pain in my lower back.


My visit to the doctor today got me thinking about my delivery option. Never before have I consider anything other than normal delivery. Given my current condition, a C-section might be a safe option. I just have to prepare myself, mentally, spiritually and physically for what ever the situation is. May Allah guide me and gives me strength to face this, the most beautiful and miracle experience ever!

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