Thursday, February 16, 2012

Digi Dare #263

This week I decided to join Digi Dare #263 just for the fun of it. I love everything about Love and all the love related kits really makes me excited! 

i was made for you-web

"Dare Flair
* Must include the words “I Was Made For ____” in your title.
* This must be a love story. (Not necessarily a person though.)
* It must include at least one Love symbol (i.e. hearts, XOs, cupid, etc.)
* And since this is about being made…it must include some kind of craft element (i.e. stitching, tape, glue, sewing needle, etc.)"
I used My Valentine Kit by Studio Flergs. Journaling from Until it beats not more lyric by Jennifer Lopez. I just love that song and it really convey what I really feel.

Some random things about me today....
* I am a little bit stress out with the amount of work that me and my team have to do. With so little time that we have I don't think there' enough of us to entertain everyone
* I just wonder why we have to work so hard for something that is urgent but not important
* sometimes I just feel like life without technology is a bliss, people expect less from you and there's always tomorrow. Now with technology people expect you to deliver faster and get connected all the time

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