Thursday, January 19, 2012

Today I….

Today I …..
  • pledge to smile more
  • decided that no one can make me happy except me
  • craving for coffee so bad
  • day dream of having a craft room complete with crafting table , a pink laptop, color printer, lots of notebooks, buttons, and stationaries
  • am thinking about taking a one year break from work
  • desperately wanted the freedom to travel the world
  • day dream again of having my own photo studio
  • am thinking about the next episode of The Secret Circle
  • promise myself to drink more water
  • to take deep breath and not let small things take over my life
  • plan to have a lunch date with a friend
  • am wondering how PROSPEK is going to effect my life
  • am wondering what my life would be like after my baby is born. Am I ready to be a mother to a baby at forty?

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