Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Do I dare?

With the new Samsung Galaxy X I8150 I might!
“With a 1.4GHz CPU, this mobile operates rich applications and tasks with ease. Applications load quickly and multi-tasking is easier than ever with no lag time! Faster, better and more powerful.”
“Enjoy easy access to socialising, music entertainment and gaming directly from the mobile. Each hub is a centralised hub allowing you to compose messages from one location, do more on Facebook, LinkindIn and Twitter, stream songs before you purchase, access to premium HD-quality games with social network interaction, and gaming news. “

If only Samsung have the same seduction power as Sony Xperia.. Right now I am looking at Sony Xperia Mini or Xperia Arc S…  I might look into the new Samsung instead.. The only thing that might make me convert to Samsung would be the battery life..8 to 10 hours might be worth it..

1 comment:

[fArAh aLiAs] said...

mari baca kisah farah dan my bff. doakan persahabatan kami kekal selamanya.


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