Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scrapper Love // mommy2boyz

Life has been pretty busy these past few days. Nothing seems normal anymore. Suddenly I am on this road that is going no where. I am always having nightmare. Every night is the same thing. This pregnancy really heighten my worries. So many things going through my mind at the moment and I am really scared.

When that happened, I usually think about scrapping and the  digital scrapping world and suddenly I feel happy and fine. I wish everyday is digital scrapbook day.

Anyway in all of these madness, I get to escape into these beautiful world of scrapbooking. Looking at all these beautiful layouts really help me escape the reality of my life. So for this week find, I  choose mommy2boyz gallery. I just love her style.





Notes: all images are linked for credit.

see my previous pick here, here and here for inspiration and eye candy.

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