Tuesday, August 2, 2011

take a peek at // my perfume collection

I am not really one who collect perfume but lately I just can’t stop myself from buying these beautiful perfume when I was in Langkawi. Somehow the needs to buy Corel or Vision seems to vanished. Instead these perfumes were calling my name.

myperfume collection

Take a look at the brand that made my list:

  • Radiance – Britney Spears // I bought this one back in May and not in Langkawi
  • Darling – Kylie Minogue // I watched a biography of Kylie that night in Langkawi , all the triumph and all her struggle. When I saw her perfume at the store I just have to have it. And the perfume smells good too
  • Heat – Beyonce // I was looking for this perfume since last May and it was sold out! Naturally when I saw this at the store I just have to grab them before they go out of stock again! This one smells sexy and feminine
  • 212 VIP – Carolina Herrera // This one is totally new brand for me.. When I smell it, I was totally in love with it.

These will definitely be my perfume for the next year or two? heheh or until my perfume fever hits again?

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