Sunday, August 7, 2011

a little reminder // the last thing on your mind right now but it must be done !


It’s Sunday over here and I think it’s time for us to make a backup of our data today. Let’s declare today is a backup day!

things your might want to backup:

  • digital photos
  • your blog – for blogger please use export your blog feature
  • applications on your iphone
  • music
  • digital scrapbook kits
  • digital scrapbook layouts
  • work documents
  • your laptop—if you want to

media you might consider

  • online backup – using cloud
  • CD / DVD
  • pendrive
  • external hard disk

Backup Rules you might want to consider

  • labels your backup media
  • schedule the backup if you have the rights tools or make a backup  one of your habit
  • you can never have too many  backup.. cause when disaster strike you need all the backup you can get
  • put all you backup media in a safe place
  • do some spring cleaning before you backup. You don’t want to backup data you no longer need.

***Backup might be the last thing on anyone’s mind but when something happened and you lost your data then backup becomes the only thing in your mind.


1 comment:

Wahida Samsuddin said...

I'm only able to backup all those docs by putting them into Local Disk D. My external HD was broken few months ago. Gosh I need a new one immediately!

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