Sunday, August 21, 2011

Day 21 // g-list versi Ramadan

Wow! What a day! I started of the day with cleaning up the  whole house, did a little bit of sorting and purge, vacuuming and putting things away. It was such a challenge to get my kids involvement.

the photos – Instagram

Things i bought today Happy Sunday

the g-list

  • I am still alive and kicking
  • the gift of time
  • I found the black Baju Melayu for my son
  • light blue baju kurung for me
  • a friend who never give up on me
  • ipad 2 to keep me company. never go bored again!
  • abundance of food around me. everywhere I go there’s Ramadan Bazar with all kinds of food you can think of
  • Instagram
  • Hari Raya songs to keep me company

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