Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day #10 // My Sweet Ramadan

Something great always happened to me during Ramadan. This month seems to brings me more joy and happiness either work wise or personal wise. Aku bersuyukur --- I am thankful to Allah for everything and gift to feel again.
** todays photo was taken using iphone4 and instagram
Things on my table right now One less lonely girl
 Some random things today..
  • * I spend like almost two hours just to entertain her
  • * Today feels a little bit different then usual
  • * I wish everyday can be like today
  • * Today a stranger becomes friend and friend becomes ....
  • * I just can't stop smiling
  • * for the first time  today, I went to Bazar Ramadan Putrajaya. Wow! Too many choices to choose from.

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