Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Urgh!! I am really forcing myself to smile today!

I don’t really have the mood for anything else today. The whole day I spend finding the right tools to recover my missing files. The whole directories of my digital scrapbook layouts were not accessible to me and the whole collections of digital scrapbook kits were lost! Somehow I find it very hard to breath.

The old me would be very upset and will stay up all night to try recover the missing files. Luckily the new me trying to see things in a different perspective.

The glass is half full point of view:--

  • I have a copy of all my digital layouts on flickr. I only lost the psd files of the layouts
  • I still have most of my zip files of the digital scrapbook kits I downloaded scattered around – in my computer, at the office, in my laptop.. I just have to hunt them down one by one.
  • I am in the middle of recovering the missing files but it still scanning the hard drive. Hopefully I can recover all of them. I would be deeply heartbroken
  • This gives me the chance to reorganize my files and do some desperately need of a spring cleaning
  • I am rediscovering some old files that I have downloaded and don’t have the time to make some layouts. This basically scream a total make over of some of my old layouts
  • Until now I am still unzipping my files. Wow! I really have too much data. I really wish they would have online storage backup for personal use with more than just 5GB free storage.


Suze said...

Oh wow- how devastating! I went through something similar last fall when I lost tons of data. But I'm so proud of you that you can look on the bright side!! Good luck. I hope you can recover some of your hard work.

CIKU said...

aiyook..gud luck kak..harap dpt semua design tu semula.

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